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Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation


• Student must be regular in attending in classes including Practical and internship 75% attendance in each subject and 80% attendance in seminars, group discussion, tutorials, Practice teaching, Craft practical, demonstration etc. is compulsory for appearing in the university examination.
• Regular monthly and terminal examination shall be conducted throughout the B.Ed, course as per Academic Calender of the College.
• In case of absence from any examination without any reasonable ground which is not satisfactory to the college administration the students shall not be allowed to appear in the university examination of B.Ed.


 Damaging the College property inside or outside the college.
 Use of abusive slogans.
 Ragging.
 Disrespectful behaviourwith elders.
 Misbehaviour with female students.
 Eve Teasing.
 Violating the dress code.
 Using alcoholic or Narcotic drugs.
 Possessing any weapon.
 Committing any short of forgery.
 Disruption of teaching, study, Examination or administrative works, co-curricular activities or residential life of the members of the college.


 Written warning and information to parents will be given.
 Fine to be determined by the Principal/Authority of the College/ Management.
 Rejection of admission /derolled from the admission register.


A library is meant to satisfy the thirst for knowledge. To enable this task certain rules are required to be followed for conduct of discipline for benefit to all. These rules will help in creating necessary condition under which the library in the modern sense can be established and maintained adequately to serve the needs of users. The rules are appended below...
(i). Students must bring library card complete with photo identification duly attested by librarian and principal with them.
(ii). The books will be issued only when the library card is produced before the librarian.
(iii). Books can be issued only on personal card.
(iv). Student must maintained pin drop silence in the library.
(v). Books will be issued only for 15 days. After 15 days students charged @ 5 Rupees per day as a late fine.
(vi). When the book issued to the borrower is damaged or destroyed he/she will have to pay the fine.
(vii). Students are strictly prohibited to bring the personal books and their belongings.
(viii). If a student wants to keep the book for more than 15 days, the book will be re-issued to him/ her on the decision of librarian.
(ix). If the library card is lost by the student he/she will have to pay Rs. 25 forgetting duplicate library card. MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION
The medium of instruction of the College is English.

The Identity Card is issued to every trainee. The card should be kept by the trainee till the completion of the course. No renewal is required during the course of study. If the original card is lost, a duplicate can be obtained from the College on payment of Rs. 50/-
Project work is carried out by every trainee during the course since it demonstrates the capability of the trainees for some original approach in the application of theoretical knowledge gained from the course. The project work is finalized in consultation with the Department concerned. Several project works may be carried out during the course according to the norms of the Gauhati University and NCTE.
Great emphasis is laid on discipline and character building. Trainees are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline. The Principal of the College reserves the right to remove from the names of trainees for unsatisfactory conduct.
The college encourages to publish its annual Magazine every year in order to develop the creativity and literary talents of the trainees.
Through co-curricular activities in the College the trainees are taught to be an ideal leader in the field of education.
Personal contact seminars are arranged by the College for the benefit of the trainees. Separate communication is made to students regarding the contact seminar classes.
Payment of Fees
The prescribe Admission, Registration, Migration and Examination fee etc. are to be paid by the candidates through Bank Payment. No cash payment is accepted. The fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
Registration and Migration
Every admitted candidate from other University shall have to register his/her name in G.U. He/She must produce Migration certificate within one month from the date of admission.
A student shall be eligible for End-Semester or Annual Examination if he/she has attended not less than 75% of the lectures delivered in theory including seminars/Workshops etc. in each course and 80% of the practice teaching/internship/school based activities/field work etc.
Uniform/Dress Code
All trainees will wear uniform as prescribed by the college authority. .
Apart from the co-curricular activities and the final examination conducted by G.U. and SCERT, Assam, Class Test, Unit Test, Sessional Test, Terminal Examination and the Test Examination are held in the college according to the academic calendar strictly observing the guidelines of the competent authorities. It is compulsory for all the students to appear in all the examinations.